everyday (after Heather Hunt)

I like cups, picking them up & taking
them somewhere. I’m scared of knives.

I like white lilies in a glass vase
with the sun behind them.

I like the grey-topped Formica table
with its red rim.

I like the noise the dishwasher makes
when I open it – doodle doodle loo.

I like condensation on louver windows
that are tinted aqua blue.

I like the rimu cabinet with its latches
that slide like bolts.

I like record covers leaning against
the wall.

I like the vertical bars on the steel gate
at the end of the path.

I like the soccer ball on the green grass.

I like the way washing stacked high
in a basket could be a Christmas tree
(something you showed me).

& I like the way a whole chicken
turned upside down with its bum in the air
looks like a frog,
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaabecause some things
are not just what they are
but something else all together

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalike knives.

Written for the opening of Heather Hunt's painting exhibition 'Everyday'
at Reyburn House, Whangarei, 5 September 2009.

Read by Sam Hunt on Kiwi FM, Lost Weekend, 11 September 2009.