a man in his seventies who makes picnic tables at home

these tables are better than anything

you’d get in the big stores

aaaaaaaahe thinks they’re pieces of crap

I’m not telling a lie, but every time

someone comes to look at my tables

before going to the shops in town,

they always come back

aaaaaaaahe’s proud of his work

I don’t need to advertise,

just word of mouth

aaaaaaaahe’s a great example

I’m having a knee reconstruction

next week, my wrist’s buggered

and the doctor’s just told me

I’ve got shingles

aaaaaaaahe may be dead soon

I used to make four a day,

but I’m down to twenty a month

aaaaaaaahe’s got no regrets

I sell them for not much more

than cost: it’s a hobby really

aaaaaaaahe’s doing something with his life.